Corby Energy Services Joins Miss Dig System, Inc. and Gold Shovel Standard

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Corby Energy Services Joins Miss Dig System, Inc. and Gold Shovel Standard

August 11, 2017, Belleville, MI


Corby Energy Services Is Part of Statewide Effort Increase Public and Workplace Safety and Advance Standardized Metrics for Damage Prevention Performance

AUGUST 11, 2017, Belleville, MI – Corby Energy Services joins MISS DIG System, Inc. Michigan’s 811 utility safety notification system, and Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) to celebrate National Safe Digging Day with an update on their efforts to provide resources to municipalities to facilitate their adoption of the Gold Shovel Standard, and to assist them with establishing Gold Shovel Standard communities throughout Michigan. Corby Energy Services is part of a consortium of excavators, asset owners, MDOT, municipalities and MPSC working to drive state-wide adoption of Gold Shovel Standard, which allows buried-asset owners in the state to reward best-in-class performance by Michigan’s excavation and locate community.

“We are excited to be part of a program to drive the adoption of Gold Shovel Standard throughout Michigan,” said James Moskal, Compliance Manager, Corby Energy Services. “Statewide adoption of Gold Shovel Standard will ensure the seamless connection between existing Michigan damage prevention programs.”

“Gold Shovel Standard certification helps municipalities increase control over the safety and integrity of their buried infrastructure, and allows them to identify contractors who exhibit a commitment to extreme caution and safety training,” said Bruce Campbell, CEO of MISS DIG System. “The Great Lakes Gold Shovel Foundation is ensuring program uniformity throughout the state to minimize the burden placed on Michigan contractors.”

GSS is a nonprofit organization that fills an industry gap by providing third-party confirmation of baseline Damage Prevention-Safety Management Systems for the protection of buried assets, and fair and transparent metrics for damage prevention. GSS-certified excavators have a demonstrated commitment to high safety standards, and ongoing engagement with continued training and education in industry best practices.

This announcement is part of the observation of National Safe Digging Day (also known as 8/11 Day). National 811 Day is observed each year on August 11.  August 11 is a convenient way to remind professional excavators as well as homeowners of the importance of always calling 811 before digging. 811 is a free, FCC-designated national one-call number that connects a caller from anywhere in the country to the appropriate local one-call center.

Gold Shovel Standard has already become a permanent fixture in much of North America as industry has rapidly embraced this ambitious program. The rate of adoption has dramatically increased since its implementation, and numbers of new members and participants are expanding at a healthy rate.  Notably, GSS has been embraced by some of the largest telecom companies, gas and electric utilities, pipeline operators and a variety of municipalities.

About Corby Energy Services

CES provides construction, engineering, and support services throughout the great lakes area and eastern states.  We strive to maintain the highest level of quality while maintaining an efficient, safe and healthy work environment for our employees, customers, and the general public. Our outstanding customer service make us a preferred contractor among our clients. The Web Site is

About MISS DIG System, Inc.

MISS DIG is the central contract for the protection of underground utilities in the state of Michigan. The MISS DIG System promotes safety on the job site and assists the utilities in providing safe and efficient service to millions of customers, thus helping to preserve the environment and ensuring the quality of life for all Michigan residents. MISS DIG is also charge with education of its members, excavators, homeowners and the general public to the need to protect underground utilities and those working around them. The Web site is

About Gold Shovel Standard

Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving workforce and public safety and the integrity of vital buried infrastructure. GSS believes that greater transparency in all aspects of damage prevention among buried-asset operators, locators and contractors is essential to drive continuous improvement, and vital to ensure increasingly safe working conditions and communities. The Web site is

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