Water & Sewer


New Construction

  • Low pressure HDPE water and force-main systems
  • Gravity sewer systems
  • Manholes and drop connections
  • Manhole construction
  • Grinder tank systems including electrical work
  • Service connections including Mechanical and Fused connections to existing mains
  • Valve installation
  • Maintenance Service
  • Fusible PVC / HDPE water pipe systems
  • Poly and copper service connections to HDPE mains
  • Valves and valve boxes
  • Manhole reconstruction

Engineer, Procure, and Construct

  • In addition to a full range of construction services, Corby Energy Services, Inc. staffs a diverse range of utility planners, engineers, and surveyors.
  • Procure and manage all material associated with project
  • Deliver reduced cost, improved communication, reduced project duration, improved customer satisfaction, and improved ROI for the customer.
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