Corby Energy Services has extensive experience within the natural gas industry in Michigan and Ohio. Our crews are fully Operator Qualification (OQ) compliant and our existing long-term contracts with Michcon (Michigan Gas provider) and other large-scale projects are testaments to our capabilities. Whether you need engineering, material procurement, construction and maintenance services, or any combination thereof, we are your contractor. Consolidating the decision making process, management of material, and management of labor cost will reduce your cost and improve your return on investment.

Main Line and Service installation

  • New Business main and service installation
  • Main Line and Service rehab and relocation

Commercial Feeder Construction

  • Industrial and commercial feeder trenching, open cut / hard surface, and horizontal direction drill placement methods
  • Joint utility coordination to improve end-user customer service

Underground Residential Development

  • Pioneers in coordination, management, and constructing utility placement within new residential and commercial developments
  • Professional material management and material procurement services resulting in reduced customer cost

Corrosion fault location and Pipeline Integrity services

  • Non-destructive detection for location of pinholes, holidays, bare spots or thin points in protective coatings applied for corrosion protection over metal surfaces
  • PCWI Compact Pulse Porosity Detector for porosity and holiday testing of carbon impregnated coatings such as XTC, Fusion Bonded Epoxy, thick coatings such as rubber linings and on plastic / fiberglass type coatings likely to become electrostatically charged
  • Fault location excavation and work area protection for single fault or full Pipeline Integrity projects
  • Pipe coating replacement both interior and exterior

Cathodic Protection (C.P.) System design and install

  • Deep anode drilling
  • Complete C.P. system installation
  • C.P. system repair
  • C.P system relocation
  • C.P. system abandonment

Our people make the difference

  • 184 years of combined service in the gas construction industry
  • MEA Operator Qualification training and evaluation for every employee
  • Active Quality Management process ensures continual process review and improvement. We solve process challenges.
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