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CES goes beyond construction services. Let our dedicated team of professionals work with you to plan, design, and build your next project.

Power Distribution Planning and Design

  • Design / Build Secondary Services
  • Streetlight System Design
  • Facility Relocation Design
  • Pole loading and inspection services
  • Power Distribution project management services

Telecommunications Planning and Design

  • 55 years of combined service in design of outside plant facilities (F1 and distribution)
  • High volume design process for dedicated / single focus projects to meet customer quality and production expectations
  • Facility utilization review to provide solutions for underutilized facilities and reduce maintenance costs on aging cable. Maximize use of existing technology in the field to reduce maintenance costs of aging pressurized cable.
  • Construction inspection and quality compliance services

Subsurface Utility Engineering and Project Management

  • Attend public improvement meetings and gather information on the project
  • Identify existing OSP facility and place it on CAD based plan, with vertical and horizontal references
  • Determine what impact the municipal project will have on your facility and negotiate with the agency (MDOT, Municipality, etc…) responsible for the design of the project. Often we can request that a proposed plan be changed to allow your facility to stay in place, saving thousands of dollars
  • Provide study documentation showing the impact of the project and the savings offered. If relocation cannot be avoided, the study can be used to establish the budget necessary for the relocation, offering the assurance to your company that the most economical and timely plan is being proposed
  • Design and facilitate relocation, if required, with construction occurring during normal shifts, avoiding costly overtime work


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Licensed Professional Engineering
  • Licensed Professional Surveying
  • 96 combined years of experience in the utility planning and design industry
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