For over 30 years, CES has provided quality service to the telecommunications industry. Our commitment to work safely, meet stringent project completion dates, provide quality material and workmanship, keep projects on budget,  understand and work within the requirements of Federal, State and Local Governing Authorities has made us a premier contractor in the Telecommunication Industry.

Aerial Construction and Maintenance

We have in house supervision, crews and equipment to handle most projects, but also retain a number of subcontractors to assist us if needed.

  • Pole Placement
  • Pole Replacement – Scheduled and Emergency
  • New Strand and Attachments
  • Lashed, Overlashed, Prelashed or Self Support Copper, Fiber or Innerduct
  • Anchor & Guys, Pole to Pole Guys
  • Violation Adjustments, Transfers
  • Repair of Existing Plant – Scheduled and Emergency
  • Removal of Existing Plant

Underground Construction and Maintenance

Over 120 years combined experience of our supervisors allows us handle your most challenging project.

  • Build Duct Bank and Man Hole Systems
  • Rod & Pull Copper, Fiber, Innerduct in Vacant or Occupied Duct
  • Repair Existing Duct Bank – Scheduled and Emergency
  • Raise or Lower Existing Duct Bank
  • Place New Man Holes
  • Repair, Replace or Enlarge Existing Man Holes
  • Adjust or Replace Structures
  • Direct Bury Cable via Plow, Trench or Horizontal Directional Drill
  • Placement of Pedestals, Cross Connect , SAI, VRAD, RT  and Lite Span Cabinets
  • Removal of Existing Plant


Having splicers on staff, most of whom worked for the communication directly, enables us to ensure a quality job start to finish.

  • Aerial, Underground, Direct Buried Fiber and Copper – Scheduled & Emergency
  • Trouble Shooting and Resolution
  • Equipment Installation
  • Turn Up
  • OTDR Testing
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